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Re-weave your Destiny...

I hope to share my passion for spirit work and all things magickal with you.

I co-run a Shamanic Mystery School, hold Priestess Training Immersions, and teach ceremonial, ritual and magickal arts. I specialise in working with people from magickal lineages and helping them harness their power and innate spiritual gifts, and I have trained and inspired a myriad of plant spirit communicators and shamanic space holders.

I also train practitioners in the art of clearing people and spaces. My world is infused with spirit work and this is incorporated in all my spaces, which include private sessions, workshops and classes.

If you are interested in upgrading your skills as a spirit worker and ceremonialist,then click here. If you are interested in working with me privately, either online or in person in Melbourne, then read the information on this site and see what resonates with you. If you like to choose intuitively, please use this link: BOOK A SESSION.  If you are unsure which session you require, book a Spirit Weaving session as this combines elements of the all the modalities in which I am trained.  With over 18 years of experience, I have amassed and developed a rich toolkit ...

I can’t wait to meet you.

Much love and gratitude x

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M entoring & Coaching


Reclaim and re-align your innate magick with your ancestral lineage. Tidy up loose ends, and reconcile past misguided actions in spirit work.

Understand the consequences and implications of your specific actions done in the spirit realm. Understand what past behaviours and actions are impacting your energy.

Many people are from magickal lineages, and they choose mentoring or coaching to find their gifts, reclaim their power, learn how to safely work with their ancestors and manifest their true destiny.



Spirit Weaving invokes known and safe transcendent spirits to remove  spiritual and spirit intrusions, bring back soul portions, and increase one's personal vitality.

Clearing helps to remove hundreds of different types of energies that can impact your energy field.

Compassionate spirits always have another way around issues, or their own approach to healing challenges ...



When we assist the spirits of the deceased, this helps the living transform intergenerational (or systemic) burdens into ancestral blessings.

We work on the family energy to understand the systemic patterns, secrets and dysfunctions that influence our present life. We encourage our ancestors to take responsibility for what they have bestowed on us, and set up appropriate boundaries so that we are only influenced by what serves and supports us.

This helps us free ourselves of painful legacies and find more peace and groundedness in our bodies, our families, and our cultures of origin.



Hypnotherapy enables you to change the patterns of the present moment so that you can create a new day to day experience free from the burdensome emotions that many of us carry.

It allows you to change your life in a very short span of time. You literally change the vibration of NOW!

By changing a couple of ingredients, this forces the other energies associated with the emotions you addressed, to adjust as well. It can change the whole fabric of your reality.

  • Bring back Soul Portions
  • Remove unhelpful energies from your field and body
  • Remove energetic blocks causing long term illnesses
  • Get a deep energy clearing and Reboot
  • Clear the fog around your head
  • Feel Grounded and more like yourself
  • Remove the influence of Spirits and the Deceased
  • Restore Physical and Energetic Vitality
  • Receive guidance from compassionate beings
  • Get answers to you most profound questions
  • Receive a distance healing on any of the above

Choose Shamanic Healing to:


Choose Ancestral Healing if:

  • You sense the family lineage needs healing
  • You want to break toxic family patterns so your children don't inherit them
  • You are being held back by your family's history
  • You want to prevent destructive family patterns passing to your children
  • You want the family energy in your field back in order
  • You wish to heal deceased ancestors who died still carrying their trauma
  • Your ancestral energy has become toxic and you need to establish boundaries while you heal
  • You are ready to help heal any toxic elements of your ancestry

Choose Hypnosis if you:

  • Want to heal and move forward from trauma
  • Want to release  Anxiety & Depression
  • Want to release stuck emotions and trauma
  • Want to change bad habits or release Addictions
  • Want to understand and / or cancel Spiritual contracts
  • Want to speak to your Body and learn how to heal
  • Want to get answers from your Soul or Alternate Selves
  • Want to feel lighter and clearer
  • Want to respond differently to situations
  • Want to explore Past Lives
  • To set up your clinic in energetically aligned ways
  • To expand on your level of spirit work
  • Gain clarity on your path and purpose
  • To open creative pathways and inspiration to create original work
  • Greater understanding of esoteric teachings and how to apply them to your life
  • Support in becoming empowered
  • Understand different aspects and dimensions of your Being and how to unify those
  • An eagle’s eye perspective of your life’s journey
  • Authentic embodiment practices

Choose Mentoring if you would like:

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